Christmas Break 2019

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This is our class break for the 2019 Holiday Season

We know that this is a busy time of year for you and for us.  In order to spend time with our family and friends, and get the shopping, cooking, visiting, eating and celebrating done, we are taking the following days off from teaching.

Sunday, Dec 22
Tuesday, Dec 24 
Wednesday, Dec 25 (Merry Christmas!)
Boxing Day Event!!
Sunday, Dec 29
Tuesday, Dec 31
Wednesday, Jan 1 (Happy New Year!)

BOXING DAY!!  We have a special 90 min class that you are encouraged to come in boxers.  This is a paid class, not valid with a free pass, and we have gently used Zumbawear for sale, door prizes, multiple instructors and we’re going to have a White Elephant Gift Exchange!

White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules!

• Please bring a wrapped gift under $20 or something that you want to regift or is kicking around your house that you do not use
• All participants are given a number
• Starting with 1, you pick a gift and unwrap it.
• The 2nd person can steal that gift or open a present
• The 3rd person can steal a gift or open a present
• When a gift is stolen, the person can either steal from another or open a new gift. If they steal a gift, that person may steal a gift, but may not steal one that has been stolen during that turn. No more than 3 steals in one turn
• One gift can be stolen 3 times and then the person and the gift is out of the game
• After the last person has opened or stolen a gift, the very first person can then steal a gift. That gift cannot have been stolen that turn, nor be one that is out of the game

From all of us here at Dance Fitness with Lizy, we wish you the very best in this holiday season and look forward to dancing with you all the way through 2020!

Zumba Love ♥