Redeem your Groupon

Groupons must be redeemed before coming to class

We hope that you are excited to take this fun step into our studio and wherever you are on your fitness journey, it’s going to be so amazing to have you in class!

One of the foundations that Dance Fitness with Lizy is built on is that exercise should be accessible to everyone, and Groupon is a great way to try something new at a great price. Many successful students and new instructors were introduced to Zumba through Groupon, the way it changes lives is incomparable.

What you need to know

All Gropouns must be redeemed before coming to class, no exceptions here sorry.  In the studio, we are getting ready to dance and as we share the studio, we do have to leave after class. We need at least an hour before class to ensure that it has been communicated and your pass will be in class. You do need to receive confirmation from us that your activation was successful.  That’s the only hard part we promise!

Your passes are valid to come to ALL classes held at Studio Fitness including our monthly GLOW Party!  We have different and often multiple instructors so be sure to get variety in your Zumba classes and try Zumba Toning!

What if?

  • You are a student that has been in the studio within 8 months of purchase – you can get a refund from Groupon or pay the rest of the pass price in class if you prefer not to request a refund
  • Your friend doesn’t use her pass and it is expiring? – As you have been in the studio, it cannot be validated and used by you. You can sell the Groupon to someone else as long as they have not been in the studio for 8 months
  • You cannot get into the studio before the 4-month activation?  – We will activate your Groupon, however, it does still expire in the 90 days after that.
  • You did not get to class to use all of your classes in 90 days? – With 12 classes a month, we hope that you find enough days to get to class.  Unused classes do expire
  • How do monthly passes work? – They are activated from date to date.  If you activate on the 10th of the month, you have until the 10th of the following month.
  • You want to share your pass or bring a guest? – ABSOLUTELY!  Friends make Zumba more fun and we have no problem if you bring anyone with you over the age of 16. You cannot share monthly passes in any way.

I’m ready to start class!

Fill out the form with your information from Groupon and we will get you started!  Don’t forget to check the Class Schedule to see when classes are scheduled and follow us on Facebook for daily or emergency updates on classes!  We also post our events there first that you can share with your friends ♥

    See you on the Dance Floor.  Zumba Love ♥