All classes on Hiatus, see you in April!

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Business Hiatus until April


It’s been 3 months since I stepped away from teaching to focus on my health and be prepared to return to teaching strong and confident.  As I also stepped back from my job, it made me realize that being so busy never gave me the time I needed to really pay attention to life and what was going on underneath the skin.

2016 and 2017 were challenging to me physically and in hindsight, that tequila bottle that fell off my closet shelf was such an important event. I didn’t get the lesson at the end of the year to stop and I pushed through the beginning of 2017 with my job and came back to teaching full force months after my concussion. Despite a unique single vehicle accident in the snow that I’m sure was the universe telling me to pay attention, I didn’t stop. I had an amazing adventure that filled me with Zumba inspiration, but I was tired and still not listening. When a doctor I trusted asked me to be honest about how I was feeling, I finally confided and I made the decision to step back.  That was when this whole journey began.

I have some really great doctors who have been assessing and treating me, lots of tests and tests still to come, and looking into my history with all of this, I’ve found things I was never told years ago and things I knew but haven’t taken seriously. There are greast things to report, I am very happy to say that we did not discover any tumors or any physical damage to my brain. As I experiment with different medication and supplements I see changes in a positive direction. I’ve come to learn that not everyone has an aura with a migraine and it feels awesome to treat it and get through the day without that headache. 

I’m taking the next 3 months to prepare to come back to teaching.  I believe that it is sufficient time to have plans in place and working towards my optimal health. I’ll be returning in April to bring you back that community that you miss, the interaction, the inspiration and the connection.

Whether you have said it to me or said it to others and it has been repeated back to me and you may not have known it, I am listening.  I know that you miss me in class, and I am grateful to know that you come for me, for that experience and that heart to heart. Maybe even for the silly faces and singing, but no one has mentioned that out loud 🙂

With all of that in mind, I made the huge decision to completely shut classes down until I come back. There are no classes until April and I will be teaching you when I come back.  As with the journey that I have already taken, there will be more to share with you about what I’m going to conquer this time. I always hope to share things in my life that can inspire others to reach for more in their lives, to take first steps and to have the confidence that they can do it themselves.

Like the Phoenix that I am, I’m looking at 2018 at a rebirth for me.  I’m setting fire to my nest of the past few years and rising above them recreated and soaring into the new year. These wings are meant to fly, I can’t wait to soar 🙂

See you on the dance floor in April xo


Class passes continue to be valid in April and should there be other opportunities to use it as a punch card, I will let you know.

Studio Fitness will offer you cash value towards classes in their studio if you do not wish to wait until classes return. Please email me for more information

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