Hiatus Update Oct 1, 2017

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Update for October 1, 2017

Altered Classes schedule at Studio Fitness.
Classes at Esquimalt United are on Hiatus at this time

Here is the current update on classes at Studio Fitness

Justina of Studio Fitness has  been working with me to ensure that classes continue for you!  I am so very grateful to have such a wonderful partnership with this amazing woman who cares so much about you!

What is the good news?

* There are classes moving forward
* Noriko continues to Sunday evenings
* We are offering a new dance fitness option for you!
* You will see some new instructors in the studio

What are the challenges?

* There are no Toning instructors in town, I am so sorry
* There are some dates where we do not have classes
* We may not be able to work with passes for all classes
* There can be some confusion checking into class or purchasing new passes
* You might miss me!

Current update for classes.

Wednesday 7:30 pm – Zumba!
Saturday 9 am starting Oct 16th – Bellyfit!
Sunday 4:30 pm – Zumba!

What is Bellyfit?

A typical Bellyfit class is one hour. You can expect to start the class with a 4 minute guided posture check and opening meditation, then 35 minutes of cardio, cool down and isolations. You will then take your shoes off and transition to the floor for Pilates inspired core work and a flowing Yoga inspired stretch. You will finish with a very brief closing Mudra Meditation. Youtube Video


I’ve chosen to let you sign out weights to take home and continue to work out with them!  I am going to create a playlist on my YouTube channel that has some choreography that I use and some other suggested choreography that you can use that will help keep you going while I am away.  This class is important to all of us and I want to ensure that you can keep up your great work xo.  Not all of my choreography is recorded and the official Zumba choreography is not available for you.  I promise to do my best for you.  Please reply to this email or call/text me at 250-858-5499 and I can arrange for this to happen.

Updates will happen frequently as things are subject to change.

Change is inevitable except from a vending machine.  This email list is to keep you posted of all updates that are happening.  Please share it with anyone you feel should be updated and if you do not wish to receive these emails, UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom of this newsletter.

I will also keep you up to date on my own personal journey,  After 5 years of dancing, this is my biggest challenge. It is also taking me out of the workforce that I have been in for so long in my life that is also challenging me and is giving me a new perspective on life.  My business is also changing.  Truly now Dance Fitness with Lizy I am exploring new options for you and look forward to how I can keep you active and dancing.

Love to all and stay tuned for more updates soon!