Hiatus Update Oct 7, 2017

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Update for October 7, 2017

Altered Classes schedule at Studio Fitness.
Classes at Esquimalt United are on Hiatus at this time

Here is the current update on classes at Studio Fitness and a message from Lizy!


Hi everyone!

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It’s been a week without teaching a class and I have some really mixed feelings about it. While I am physically feeling better in small ways so far overall, I am missing seeing you all so much.  The interaction with each of you is so important to me, the joy on your faces, the laughter, the beauty of your movement and the inspiration you give to me as you grown each time I see you. Zumba has been a major influence in my life for 5 years and to go from all of that to nothing as I wind down my life, knowing I must do this, is quite the emotional journey.  As with every challenge I have faced in life, I look at my recovery as a way to learn from it, grow with it and find what new path in life it is taking me and my business.  The universe obviously had some type of plan for me and I wasn’t listening back in December, I am listening now!

What I am looking most to, is coming back strong, confident and prepared to teach.  I have a great team of doctors who work with head trauma and great specialists I already work with that are going to care for me as I work on doing the very best thing I can for my brain, rest.  I am so grateful that the doctor was really straightforward with me after I had committed to doing whatever it took to get better and I did what I tell you each time you come to class.  I listened to my body, but in this case, my brain.


Sunday, Oct 8, come dance off that Turkey with Dave at 4:30!!
DaveDave has been teaching with me for just over a year and has for HIGH ENERGY and SUPER FUN class! Expect to sweat, sing a whoop it up in his class.

Dave typically subs on Sunday evenings as he teaches Zumba out at the Westshore YMCA as well as a strength class. He is a group fitness leader and is working towards his Personal Trainer certification!  He will be the guy to go to and I will be proud to have him working with me when he has these services to offer you so that you can continue with your fitness journey!

Dave is also working on his Aqua Fit training at the YMCA so if you are a member there, you may see him teaching those classes as well in the future.

Wednesday 11, 18 and 25th, join Ximena for Zumba at 7:30 pm!
Ximena originates from Cali Columbia, the heart of Latin music!

For the month of October, Ximena will be teaching the Wednesday night classes.  As you can see from the smile in this picture, her love of dance and passion of sharing it with others shines!Ximena enjoys sharing her cultural heritage through dance & music. She likes to bring together a variety of rhythms from around the world and celebrate the richness of our diversity by having fun and building community relationships. She is a former student and a kindred spirit

A certified Zumba and Yoga instructor, you will enjoy Yoga inspired cooldowns showing you how versatile and unique of an instructor she is.

Bellyfit starts Saturday, October 14th at 9 am with Alesha!
If you have not heard of BellyFit before, prepare to embrace a new fitness experience that may change the way that you think about your body.  Bellyfit does not subscribe to the definition of a “flat belly” but rather reclaims the word BELLY as a beautiful, powerful, sensual aspect of Woman ~ an aspect that should be loved, respected, strengthened and honoured for what it does, NOT for how it looks!

Focusing on the Pelvic floor with each movement, through dance, Pilates-inspired movements, and yoga mat work, strengthen your body without doing a single crunch or sit-up.

Join Alesha for this new Dance Fitness option available to you using your pass and see how you can improve your core and your posture while dancing with joy!

Zumba with Norko on Sundays at 4:30 pm
Noriko has been a constant shining star in my classes for over 18 months, bringing her love of Latin music and playful choreography to the dance floor.

Noriko is Canfit Pro certified and constantly working on her education to help her be the best instructor. Don’t be surprised to come to class to a great new piece of choreography when Norkio has fallen in love with a song, you can see the passion in her movements and the joy she brings you.

Her classes include Latin, Bollywood, Flamenco, Country, Latin Pop, Modern, Kuduro and other world rhythms. An hour in her class goes by so quickly and you leave with a smile on your face and a song in your ear… for days!

If Noriko doesn’t already know you, make sure you make it to her Sunday night class and join her party! She is my main instructor and is helping guide much of this as we get through the hiatus.


Passes are valid for ALL CLASSES that are offered at this time at Studio Fitness, this includes Bellyfit!  If I can include other options or days for you moving forward, I will try to do this. This newsletter will keep you posted on any developments that might happen in the future.

Drop in is still $9
5 class pass is $40
10 class pass is $80
20 class pass is $160 (free class when you finish!)

How to pay for classes!

New instructors are learning how to use the technology, so please consider alternatives to plastic when paying for classes.  You can use credit cards using PayPal to buy passes.

In class:  Cash (preferred) Debit, Credit, Cheque for passes
E-Transfer: lizy@comezumbawithme.com
PayPal from: www.zumbalizy.com/class-info-and-fees/
Drop by my house!

Any electronic payments your passes will be waiting for you at the studio


November 16th marks my 5th year of being a Zumba instructor, 102 days after I took my first class. Never before has anything moved me, given back to me and allowed me to give so freely in my life. The joy it has brought to me, reaching out and touching so many lives and having yours touch me, no matter how brief or how long you have been in my life. Every year I plan a party, we dance and have a lot of fun, I invite other instructors to be part of it, we celebrate all that is good. Peace, Love, Zumba.

This year, I can’t have a Zumba party in a studio. I don’t want to let an important date go unnoticed however so I have to do something.  I’d like to open my home to you, invite you to a Potluck, play a lot of Zumba music, you can dance on my deck, we can still have a party. I might have to teach certain students choreography I am still creating in my head while I can’t dance and they can teach it to you 🙂

Mark your calendars for November 18th starting at 4 pm.  More details to come!


If you are not already a member of the Victoria Zumba Comm-UNITY Facebook group, join it today!  Events get posted there and there is a great Halloween party coming up, dress as your favourite Super Hero!

Westshore Zumba is hosting at Halloween Zumba(tm) Master Class with ZJ Ziyad Shukri on Saturday, October 28 at 6:30 PM – 8 PM at 777 Goldstream Ave # 101, Victoria, British Columbia V9B 2X4. Tickets in advance are $15 and at $20 at the door.

Please see their Facebook event for more information.

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Miss you all, Zumba Love xo