Hiatus Update for October 24, 2017

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Update on October 24, 2017

The journey towards health has officially begun with meeting the neurologist at Victoria General Hospital who started a treatment plan. My body is getting used to side effects of new meds and supplements, it’s all a process of trying one thing or another. I have an MRI booked for Nov 12th, which can be good or bad.  When nothing shows, it still leaves the vagueness of post-concussion and no explanation of why you feel the way that you do.  If it does show something, then you know that you have suffered damage to your brain and that can be a hard thing depending on what level it is.

I’ve learned to answer people when they ask “How are you doing” to give them a scale out of 10 that day. The truth is, at this point, I’m not seeing improvement yet and that is frustrating for me. I’m a woman of results when I put my mind to something and I accept that patience is part of the process. I’ve accepted that my purpose and my job is to commit to everything it takes to recover ♥

Altered Classes schedule at Studio Fitness.
Classes at Esquimalt United are on Hiatus at this time

Here is the current update on classes at Studio Fitness

Wednesday, Oct 25th at 7:30
Arabic night with Ximena, her last class!

Ximena is bringing the jingle skirts and invites you to bring yours as well for a special night of Arabic Zumba! This will be her last class at Studio Fitness and I am so grateful that she has been there for you to dance with.  Come enjoy this belly shaking class with Arabic movements and rhythms and of course, see me and collect a free hug!

Saturdays 9 am – Bellyfit with Alesha

If you have not already tried out this amazing class, what are you waiting for?  “I’m wonderfully sore in whole new places! ”  was shared with me regarding Alesha’s class.  This body positive class empowers women to embrace their bodies, strengthen their core and move with joy.  You will be sweating with effort and loving the music and movement!  Your pass is valid for this class, so don’t miss out.

Sundays at 4:30 pm with Noriko

Noriko continues to teach her infectious class on Sundays! This end of the week class is you what you need to get your ready for the week ahead of you! Come dance off the stress, shake off the week and join her in joy!


Yes, you read that correctly!

I am coming to the studio to teach my favourite Halloween choreography, Thriller!  As well, I will join Noriko for her Halloween choreography to the classic song, Monster Mash. While I am in the studio, I won’t be dancing during most of the class but you can bet I will cheering and whooping it up! I’ll be next to you and be enjoying the class as best as I can.

I’ll be getting dressed up, do the same? 🙂

Do note! I may wear earplugs and don’t worry if I step out of the studio.  I’m listening to my body.

Learn the choreo the Thriller here!

Introducing Brenda Curts
Your Wednesday Instructor
Starting Nov 1

Brenda has been a ZIN for 5 years and was teaching 4-5 classes a week in Edmonton before coming back to Victoria with her family just a few years ago.  She is currently teaching Zumba Kidz and her true passion is Zumba! Her positive outlook on life, love for coffee and high energy reminds me so much of me, we are true kindred spirits.  I know that you are going to love her classes and you should not miss out on dancing with her!

Go the Facebook event here!

It’s been 5 years since I became a licensed Zumba Instructor and this year my party needs to be modified. As I can’t be in the studio dancing, I’m opening my home to have you come join me for a celebration. Party starts at 4:30 and goes until the last person leaves ♥

Please join me with a dish to share and be prepared for some mischief and some dancing inside or Zumba out on the deck!

I brought back some gifts from Orlando to be given away, I’ll still be doing that, it’s a party after all 🙂

If we can coordinate what you are bringing so we don’t end up with a lot of chips and salsa that would be excellent!

Please do RSVP on the Facebook event or by replying to this email if you can, you can also call or txt me at 250-858-5499. I look forward to seeing you xoxo


Passes are valid for ALL CLASSES that are offered at this time at Studio Fitness, this includes Bellyfit!  If I can include other options or days for you moving forward, I will try to do this. This newsletter will keep you posted on any developments that might happen in the future.

Drop in is still $9
5 class pass is $40
10 class pass is $80
20 class pass is $160 (free class when you finish!)

How to pay for classes!

I will continue to be at Wed and Saturday classes to help check in and take payments. New instructors are learning how to use the technology, so please consider alternatives to plastic when paying for classes.  You can use credit cards using PayPal to buy passes.

In class:  Cash (preferred) Debit, Credit, Cheque for passes
E-Transfer: lizy@comezumbawithme.com
PayPal from: www.zumbalizy.com/class-info-and-fees/
Drop by my house!

Any electronic payments your passes will be waiting for you at the studio