Very Important News – Multiple Changes, Lizy has a concussion!!

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Multiple Changes in effect while recovering

Hi students!

Many of you are not aware that I suffered a concussion on Dec 16th that has taken away my ability to do a lot of things, especially dancing. Concussions are Traumatic Brain Injuries and unfortunately, unlike physical injuries, there is no specialist to see to help heal, nor a way to measure how quickly you will heal.

What I do know is that I don’t have any bleeding or anything broken in my head. I am very grateful for that. At 8 days after the injury, I am still very much affected and not healing the way I would like to be. The brain heals with time and rest and it’s a hard concept for me to let go of everything and have a quiet mind.

Until I am able to return to teaching, this is your temporary schedule


My annual Boxing Day, Dance in your Boxers event is cancelled. I’m very saddened by this but there is no other choice.
Tuesday 7 pm with Dave
All Toning Classes are Cancelled
Thursday 7 pm with Noriko
Saturday Classes are Cancelled
Sunday 4:30 pm with Dave