Noriko Prezeau – Zumba Instructor and Group Fitness Instructor

Noriko teaches Sundays


When I first discovered Zumba in 2012, I did not think it would become an important part of my life. I started casually taking one Zumba class a week after being out of the exercise routine for many years.

Then one day, my daughter brought home a piece of paper from school about a Uvic study on fitness, health and physical activity. They were looking for volunteer families ( We thought it was a good idea to help us get motivated to exercise as a family. My contribution to this study was to increase Zumba classes to three times a week because I thought I could complete this study only with Zumba. I was going to Studio VZF with great instructors three times a week. The result of the study? Great! The Uvic researchers confirmed my improved cardiovascular capacity with reduced waist size as a bonus! Since then, I can not stop Zumba. I took a Zumba Basic I training course in Burnaby in July 2015, then privately teaching my friends for 6 months. Lizy contacted me in May 2016 and offered co-teaching opportunities in June. That was my first meeting with Lizy. She is an experienced Zumba teacher and taught me a lot about being a Zumba instructor. In her resource rich environment, I teach Zumba classes. Her students are so welcoming and friendly that I love dancing with them! I was lucky to work with her, and most of all, I was lucky to find Zumba! Now I am studying as a Canfitpro Group Fitness Specialist and expecting to finish within the year so that I can better teach Zumba as a physical fitness specialist.