Mid-November News

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There are 3 events planned into 2019 that you need to put onto your calendars right now!  That means that there are 2 extra GLOW Parties for you have fun at. 

To access the full calendar of classes and events on the web use this link.
To add it to your own Calendar app, use this link to import it,

There’s a change to save on passes, for gifts (given to you or given to others) and New Students with PLZ GLOW Party passes!

I have an exciting opportunity to become a Zumbini instructor and work for me.  If you enjoy early childhood education and exploration through music and play, this may be a great fit for you!

Upcoming class cancellations

Wednesday, Nov 21st – I have a hospital procedure and can’t dance
Sunday, Dec 23 and Tues Dec 25 – Merry Christmas!
Sunday, Dec 30 and Tue Jan 1 – Happy 2019!

6th Anniversary Party Nov 27th – Donate and win prizes

Tuesday, November 27th starting at 7:15 pm and it’s a GLOW PARTY!

Every year I am so grateful to be dancing with all of you. 6 years ago I got through 8 hours of training and became a licensed instructor.  Since that time I have taken 6 certifications and added 5 education components to my experience of a Zumba instructor.  This year there are multiple instructors, some teaching for the first time.  I’m so happy that Dave with be dancing with me, he has been at each anniversary party!

Please bring a quality food bank donation for a ticket to win a 2 pack of Zumba socks, a Zumba T-Shirt, or a 5 class pass.  You can donate cash which is matched to help them buy more from local food suppliers or donate a non-perishable from this list.

Boxing Day – Dance in your Boxers  + White Elephant Gift Exchange

Wednesday, December 26th starting at 4:30 pm and it’s a GLOW PARTY!

This annual event is so much fun.  Buy yourself a fun pair of boxers and come dance with multiple instructors with a GLOW PARTY theme! A White Elephant Gift Exchange follows. This is when you bring a gift from your home that you don’t want or need and wrap it.  We draw numbers and people can pick a present or steal a present.  The gift exchange is when the last person picks or steals! 

Tutu Birthday Party 

Sunday, February 17, 2019, and it’s a GLOW PARTY!

It’s my birthday and I’ll dance if I want to!  Every year we put on our tutu’s and have some serious fun.  Save the date for this GLOW PARTY and lets have some fun.  More details will come in future newsletters, keep your eyes peeled for a tutu.

I’ve rebranded my GLOW PARTY back to Peace Love Zumba or PLZ. On the website www.peacelovezumba.com you can see the video that Ty made from the 2016 party we had which was so amazing! All of the future dates can be found on here including our special event parties. 

If you or a friend of yours are a NEW STUDENT and want to make a PLZ GLOW party your first class, we have a great deal that includes your first GLOW party! 

5 class pass –  $40
10 class pass  – $70
20 class pass – $130


Includes GLOW Party. Valid for NEW STUDENTS ONLY
Discounts of up to $2.875 off a drop-in fee
In past years I have offered this only on the website, but I’m announcing it here this year!  Buy someone special, or have someone special buy YOU a discounted pass this year for Christmas!  The person’s name will be written on the back, so no cheating!  


Passes go on sale as of November 15. Monthly pass (up to 12 classes) is $70, 5 class pass is $30, 10 class pass is $60 and 20 classes is only $120! Pay in class or by e-transfer to lizy@comezumbawithme.com with the phrase Zumba.
Are you interested in teaching ZUMBINI?
Zumbini is a program for kids 0-4 with their parent in a fun singing, playing and dancing program. I have an open instructor training available for someone who would like to come to be a part of my company at no cost. You can find out more information on Zumbini at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdWplafu38o.  There are lots of details to discuss, if you are interested in this program, email me at lizy@comezumbawithme.com.  Training are also available at $280 USD.  The date is May 25, 2019, for an all-day training.

This newsletter comes late due to being out of town and being sick thanks to someone that passed it on. In this time of year, many colds and flu variations are spread by not being aware of how it is spread. The flu virus lives for 24 hours while a cold virus can be active up to 7 days!  Fortunately, once they hit a hard surface they quickly die, but if you inhale a virus, or introduce it by rubbing your eyes or mouth, you are infected!
I ask that if you are sick, please do not come to class, and stay home from work. Sneeze like a vampire!  Wash your hands often. Consider getting a flu shot! Rest, and see the doctor if you don’t get better. Everyone will thank you for being proactive.
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