Newsletter for April 28, 2018

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I’m very excited to be back in the studio! My body is adjusting to moving so much again and there are a few limitations from ongoing issues that are still being dealt with, but I’m a constant work in progress. It reminds me of how difficult people find it to come back to the gym after an injury or gaining weight, of which both have happened to me. You feel limited or worry about being judged and worry about having to explain or make excuses. In my studio and community, it is extremely important that you feel comfortable and never need to explain yourself to anyone. It’s your body, your journey and you owe no one nothing as it is none of their business. Simply come back and get moving again, you’ll be so much happier that you did, and so will the people that are in the studio that have not seen you for a while xoxo
Due to scheduling at the studio, the class start time has changed to 7 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays! Please update your calendars 🙂
Tuesday is our first class together, who will be there?  I’m going to keep a lot of our former choreo with some new fun songs so that it isn’t hectic and confusing on the students and on myself! Coming back with a lot of new choreo can be a recipe for disaster as when there is no confidence in class, students feel discouraged.  My classes are a happy place and that’s how I want you to feel coming into them and leaving them 🙂

 Zumba Toning is a very popular and this class fills up. Please remember that due to working with the weights, there needs to be 3 lines and enough space so that you don’t hit each other when you are dancing. Arrive early so you can claim your space!  

Noriko’s Sunday class is the only Sunday evening class in Victoria! It’s a great way to wind down the week and her choreography gets you sweaty and smiling.  She has grown into an amazing interactive and truly inspiring instructor.  Don’t miss out on the chance to have a sweaty and super fun class at 4:30 on Sundays at Studio Fitness.

I’ve had my meeting with UrbaCIty and when we discussed what we might do, we talked about BollyX!
What does this mean?  If we go ahead with BollyX, I do need to have volunteers learning the choreo and I will be launching BollyX in October on Friday evenings. It was my goal to do that this year and this gives me the definite date. Current students will get a preferred rate on punch cards as a thank you for your loyalty. 
Stay tuned for more information as I am updated by the UrbaCity planning team.