Thinking of being an instructor? Get mentored with Zumba Lizy

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Mentoring opportunities are available

I remember what it was like when I found Zumba. It was the most amazing this I had discovered in my life and I really appreciated the instructor that I had.  What I didn’t was someone to help me grow or a studio to grrow with and I want to be sure that I offer to my students. I believe that you should have a comfortable place to learn to be an instructor and confidence in the person who would offer you support.  Our community and most of all, myself personally, have that to offer.

There isn’t a rule about how long you need to take classes before you can consider being an instructor. You don’t need to be a dancer, be a certain body shape, weigh xxx lbs or be within a certain age range. You need to have passion and inspiration, a love of  Zumba, the need to spill joy all over the dance floor.  You need to be able to (eventually, it does take practice) look students in the eye and let them feel the connection, bring the love, give back to your community. Let your star shine.o

If you would like towards being an instructor and would like to be mentored, please apply through the Facebook job posting at

I look forward to working with you 🙂