Update for November 17, 2017

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Message from Lizy
It’s been 7 weeks that I have been out of the studio and away from teaching now and it’s been a process of paying attention every day to know my body is telling me. It took me a long time, to be honest with my doctor as well with myself about the level of my health truly was. So often we find ourselves in a trap of living our daily lives with obligations that we can’t turn away from. We depend on our income, other people depend on us, commitments have been made. We push aside our needs and what our body is saying to us, toughing it out, saying we don’t have time to deal with it, or minimizing what the issue is. We ignore the hurt when you make the same movements, being exhausted, your heart rate, your appetite, how you sleep. Some things can be dangerous when they are left for too long without attention. I’ve had to learn this lesson the hard way, and it will be one that I never repeat again.  I hope that you can take some wisdom from this and have a listen

Altered Classes schedule at Studio Fitness.
Classes at Esquimalt United are on Hiatus at this time

Here is the current update on classes at Studio Fitness


Alesha has chosen to reduce the number of things she has committed to in her life so that she can eek out time to rest and recover. At this time I have put the Saturday classes on hold for the rest of November and there is more information in the rest of the newsletter about some options that I have been looking at.  I’m wishing her well and appreciated that we had this option for you and I apologize that this is no longer available for you.

Noriko is twice as nice

For the rest of November, Noriko is teaching Wednesday and Sunday evenings. If you haven’t been to one of her classes lately, you can see 3 different videos on each of the Zumba Lizy Pages!  She is heading off to Japan in the beginning of December until mid-January so don’t miss out

Meet Vanessa!

A Zumba loving girl who loves to dance and pump the class up! She has been dancing since she was 5 years old and discovered Zumba in 2013 after seeing YouTube videos of this fun new work out. She incorporates dance rhythm, fitness, and Latin-inspired music and moves throughout every class.

Her Zumba career began in Toronto, Ontario with Goodlife Fitness and Snap Fitness. She began practicing, instructing and sweating while having fun and boom lost 20lbs! She then realized that she never wanted to stop instructing as it simply makes her happy. Vanessa says “Come Zumba with me and I guarantee you will be sweating with a smile wanting to come back next time!”
Vanessa starts teaching Wednesday evenings starting in December, her first class is December 6th.  You can meet her at my Anniversary party on Saturday, Nov 18th.

Vanessa is the Victoria Mobile Aesthetics which provides mobile aesthetics in the comfort of your own home. VMA provides clients with the relaxation of aesthetic services as well as provides convenience should you want to host a fun party with a unique touch!

I’ve been able to locate a Groove instructor here in town that is available on Saturday mornings as of the middle of December. At this time, it’s the option that I have in mind for classes. Groove is a very free expression dance class, there is no wrong way to dance!  Their yearly retreats in Nicaragua are famous,  Read more on their website. 


Missing a Tuesday night class?
Get a discount on a Pound class with Taylia

Tuesdays at 7pm, Tyalia teaches a Pound class at St. Saviours Heritage Church (310 Henry Street).  She has offered to give you a discount on the class if they identify themselves as my student!  The first class is $5 to try and the usual drop-in fee is $12.  As a student, you can pay my drop-in rate of $9, thanks Taylia!  If you would like to talk to her about Pound, she will be at my party on Sat Nov 18th.  This video shows that you can modify the choreography for your fitness level.


POUND Workout w/Susan W Fitness Club- Queens, NYC

Go the Facebook event here!

It’s been 5 years since I became a licensed Zumba Instructor and this year my party needs to be modified. As I can’t be in the studio dancing, I’m opening my home to have you come join me for a celebration. Party starts at 4:30 and goes until the last person leaves

Please join me with a dish to share and be prepared for some mischief and some dancing inside or Zumba out on the deck!

I brought back some gifts from Orlando to be given away, I’ll still be doing that, it’s a party after all 🙂

If we can coordinate what you are bringing so we don’t end up with a lot of chips and salsa that would be excellent!

Please do RSVP on the Facebook event or by replying to this email if you can, you can also call or txt me at 250-858-5499. I look forward to seeing you xoxo


Passes are valid for ALL CLASSES that are offered at this time at Studio Fitness. If I can include other options or days for you moving forward, I will try to do this. This newsletter will keep you posted on any developments that might happen in the future.

Drop in is still $9
5 class pass is $40
10 class pass is $80
20 class pass is $160 (free class when you finish!)

How to pay for classes!

I will continue to be at Wed and Saturday classes to help check in and take payments. New instructors are learning how to use the technology, so please consider alternatives to plastic when paying for classes.  You can use credit cards using PayPal to buy passes.

In class:  Cash (preferred) Debit, Credit, Cheque for passes
E-Transfer: lizy@comezumbawithme.com
PayPal from: www.zumbalizy.com/class-info-and-fees/
Drop by my house!

Any electronic payments your passes will be waiting for you at the studio