UrbaCity Challenge – Shake, Shimmy and Roll

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Shake, Shimmy and Roll

The Destrosa, the Shoulder Shimmy and the Body Roll. Competitors in the UrbaCity Challenge will be arriving at the studio to learn these moves very quickly and then do a dance. Not the easiest moves, but after all, this is a challenge!!

We are also doing the warm up at Save On Foods Memorial Arena to kick off the 300+ participants for this fundraiser for the Island Prostate Centre. If you would like to be part of the warm up, you will need to put in some practice time and choreography will be posted so you can practice at home too.

I need people for the Challenge Station from 10 – 2:15 pm in the studio that can do the Destrosa, Shoulder Shimmy and the Body Roll.  Easy to learn videos are posted below.  You must commit to learning and practicing as the participants are going to be learning the moves from you!  Once you have mastered the moves, you’ll be killing them in class and wherever s you decide to bust a move.

Please email me or Contact me on Facebook to let me know that you are interested in participating in either part, the warm up or the studio. I would be very honoured to have you with me 🙂

The Destrosa


The Body Roll