Zumba® with Lizy on Tuesdays at 7 pm

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Zumba with Lizy is now at 7pm on Tuesdays

Class time has changed to 7 pm on Tuesdays!  This is a little tight between class changes, so please meet me in the hall before class to check in.  Justina of Studio Fitness is making the space more inviting for us, she is a great host, I am so appreciative of her.  It’s been a great (almost) year here at Studio Fitness and I am grateful to have this amazing studio to call our home!

Please be sure to bring indoor shoes if your outdoor shoes are dirty or your favourite Zumba shoes to rock out in. Getting dressed in your Zumbawear is even better, let is shine xoxo.


No experience necessary!  Remember that we were all new to class once 🙂

There are no mistakes in Zumba, only unexpected solos


See you on the dance floor.  Zumba love!!